.boston domains are powerful in branding and SEO

.Boston domain names have been around for approximately two years and as more and more people leave .com for something new, exciting, local and relevant - the thoughts of those on the fence seem to be around the impact on search engines and on branding and memorability.

While Google may never fully disclose the secret recipe involved in their search engine algorithms - they have said to focus on quality content and you'll be fine.

Well that's easy to say but if you are a small business who relies on ad revenue from your website, or affiliate income or product sales then I definitely understand the pause for concern but I believe there is a lot more to the benefits for geo domain extensions (like .boston, .nyc and .miami) that will come to local businesses who have built their sites on a .boston.

That benefit begins with the keyword (city) on the right of the dot, being a clear signal to Google that the business is local. As more and more se…

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