Introducing Boston Microgreens, your personal microgreens farm.

There are many reasons why I love domain names, building websites and especially geo domain extensions like .boston, .nyc and .miami - the biggest reason is the benefit to community especially encouraging ideas to sprout!

Recently I came across the website and was fascinated by their mission and the beauty in their simple website.

Boston Microgreens are a modern, high-intensity farm based in the heart of the Southie. They provide high quality microgreens and specialty herbs to chefs and individuals in the greater Boston area.

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They say:

We grow with state of the art equipment and never compromise. This means a controlled growing environment, organic nutrients and seeds, and no pesticides or herbicides. We grow to order, granting our customers total customizability. Chef's, you now have a personal farm at your fingertips

What's especially interesting…

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