Our passion is to connect generations and open doors to a rich culture experience through learning Arabic.

Learn Arabic Boston started in Jan 2018 with 1 mom hoping to teach her 2 kids and a couple of their friends Arabic. It grew quickly in 1 year to serve more than 30 students. Our 6 passionate teachers provide exceptional Arabic language instruction in a small class setting allowing a lot of one-on-one interaction. Most of our educators are also certified school teacher and college educators.
The most exciting class events that many students look forward to, are the end of semester projects and performances. The students put together many of the concepts that they learned into a song or a written poem that is then performed and taped in our studios.
Food is a big part of the Arabic culture, therefore we make it part of the class. Every week, each class receives a carefully prepared healthy mini lunch or a snack that helps the students mingle and learn food names in Arabic as well as meal etiquette using Arabic.
Some parents want to teach their kids their mother tongue to connect on a deeper level, some want them to have more job opportunities, some want to learn Arabic to better communicate with a loved one. We encourage you to take that first step. Whether you want to learn Arabic to visit the Middle East or to speak with grandma, we are here to help.




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