Introducing Boston Microgreens, your personal microgreens farm.

Boston Microgreens

There are many reasons why I love domain names, building websites and especially geo domain extensions like .boston, .nyc and .miami – the biggest reason is the benefit to community especially encouraging ideas to sprout!

Recently I came across the website and was fascinated by their mission and the beauty in their simple website.

Boston Microgreens are a modern, high-intensity farm based in the heart of the Southie. They provide high quality microgreens and specialty herbs to chefs and individuals in the greater Boston area.

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They say:

We grow with state of the art equipment and never compromise. This means a controlled growing environment, organic nutrients and seeds, and no pesticides or herbicides. We grow to order, granting our customers total customizability. Chef’s, you now have a personal farm at your fingertips

What’s especially interesting is that microgreens are always harvested┬áday of delivery plus all packaging is compostable and made from recycled materials.

We wish them great success with their mission and are even happier that they see the value in using a .boston domain name. Please check them out at

What do you think of their mission and website? Do you know of other local organizations who are showing their pride and commitment by using a .boston domain name? Leave a comment below.

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