Boston: The Birthplace of Innovation

It was while reflecting on and researching the progress of the .boston domainspace that I stumbled upon The Legacy Club describe themselves as:

A private business and social club inspired by the legacies of our predecessors and dedicated to the development of our own.

It seemed quite thought provoking, this being New Years Day 2020 and all, but a skim read through their website makes a few things apparent:

  1. They are deeply rooted in and proud of their Boston community
  2. They embrace their heritage while looking forward

I guess it’s no surprise then, that they chose a .boston domain as their home on the web.

It was from this page on their website that I was prompted to consider the extent to which Boston really was the birthplace of innovation and where the .boston domain fits in the developing story of this great city.

Some of Boston’s Notable Firsts

  1. 1635 The country’s first public school: Boston Latin.
  2. 1636 The country’s first college: Harvard University.
  3. 1690 The country’s first newspaper.
  4. 1845 The country’s first sewing machine.
  5. 1853 The first patented burglar alarm.
  6. 1859 The first house in the world to be lit by electricity.
  7. 1876 The first telephone.
  8. 1897 The country’s first subway system.
  9. 1999 The creation of Napster.
  10. 2004 The creation of Facebook.
  11. 2017 The first .boston domains were registered by the public

Along with .nyc, .london, .paris and .sydney, .boston has already shown that it has the potential to become part of the city’s fabric – but businesses small and large will be the drivers of the domain’s success.

Businesses and organizations from to to have already taken the step of building on a .boston with thousands of others registering their perfect fit .boston domain.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding more .boston users to the business directory and if you’ve already built on a .boston I’d encourage you to sign up here and add your own listing.

Show your Boston pride and choose a .boston for your next website.

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