Boston: The Birthplace of Innovation

It was while reflecting on and researching the progress of the .boston domainspace that I stumbled upon The Legacy Club describe themselves as:

A private business and social club inspired by the legacies of our predecessors and dedicated to the development of our own.

It seemed quite thought provoking, this being New Years Day 2020 and all, but a skim read through their website makes a few things apparent:

They are deeply rooted in and proud of their Boston communityThey embrace their heritage while looking forward

I guess it's no surprise then, that they chose a .boston domain as their home on the web.

It was from this page on their website that I was prompted to consider the extent to which Boston really was the birthplace of innovation and where the .boston domain fits in the developing story of this great city.

Some of Boston's Notable Firsts 1635 The country‚Äôs first public…
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.boston domains are powerful in branding and SEO

.Boston domain names have been around for approximately two years and as more and more people leave .com for something new, exciting, local and relevant - the thoughts of those on the fence seem to be around the impact on search engines and on branding and memorability.

While Google may never fully disclose the secret recipe involved in their search engine algorithms - they have said to focus on quality content and you'll be fine.

Well that's easy to say but if you are a small business who relies on ad revenue from your website, or affiliate income or product sales then I definitely understand the pause for concern but I believe there is a lot more to the benefits for geo domain extensions (like .boston, .nyc and .miami) that will come to local businesses who have built their sites on a .boston.

That benefit begins with the keyword (city) on the right of the dot, being a clear signal to Google that the business is local. As more and more se…

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Introducing Boston Microgreens, your personal microgreens farm.

There are many reasons why I love domain names, building websites and especially geo domain extensions like .boston, .nyc and .miami - the biggest reason is the benefit to community especially encouraging ideas to sprout!

Recently I came across the website and was fascinated by their mission and the beauty in their simple website.

Boston Microgreens are a modern, high-intensity farm based in the heart of the Southie. They provide high quality microgreens and specialty herbs to chefs and individuals in the greater Boston area.

Photo Source:

They say:

We grow with state of the art equipment and never compromise. This means a controlled growing environment, organic nutrients and seeds, and no pesticides or herbicides. We grow to order, granting our customers total customizability. Chef's, you now have a personal farm at your fingertips

What's especially interesting…

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An Online Place for Bostonians to call Home

Boston is one of the greatest cities, not only in the US, but also its status is acknowledged around the world. Boston's culture, architecture, colleges and history are a major draw for travelers and are some of the reasons Bostonians are passionate about and proud of their city.

Today Bostonians can be a little more proud as their city entered the 21st Century as domain registry MMX launched .boston to rival .com, .net and .org.

For many folks who have been looking to get online but have found that every keyword as a .com is taken, registering a .boston may be a great option, especially for those who are trading locally or marketing goods and services around Boston.

Who is it good for?

If you are a plumber in Boston - maybe would help you stand out? Look at the list below and feel the impact of these new domain names that can cover the services you offer:

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